True Royal was founded in Milan in 2008 by Gennaro Esposito and Fabrizio Berzeri.

Gennaro Esposito was born in Naples the 3rd of May 1960. He studied in the Accademia D’Arte of Naples and  specialized in high couture atelier Fausto Sarli in Rome.

He began his career in Marzotto Group and for Missoni Brand. He has been creative director at “Erreuno” and collaborated with brand “Piazza Sempione”.

He is the Creative Director of True Royal.

Fabrizio Berzeri was born in Piacenza the 18th of September 1960. He matured considerable experience working in high couture distribution. He worked for several illustrious brands such as C.P Company, SICONS, DeniCler and Marzotto Group.

Fabrizio is the commercial director as well as in charge of distribution and marketing strategies.


By choice of the founders, True Royal was conceived as a brand focused on trousers, therefore providing a mono-product collection that stirred away from classicism, with a modern touch and a highly sartorial stamp.

The name True Royal represents the essence of the brand, made for everyday occasions, to fit and exalt everyday Royalty: Women, of today, and of tomorrow.

Research, Design and Quality represent the three essential values of True Royal which, focused on few product lines, have achieved resounding success with it’s loyal and satisfied clientele , who continuously ask for a clear and concise offer.

True Royal’s purpose is to be the global ambassador of women worldwide, the achievers, the fighters and the no-quitters. Essentially, be the fabric of the woman of today, and tomorrow, our one and true royalty. This, together with Made In italy craftsmanship excellence has positioned True Royal as a leader in its sector.


In 2016, to satisfy the needs and requests of overseas clients and markets, blazers and shirts were added to the collection. This amplified the product categories as well as offered perfect complements to the already successful trousers.

Since its inception, True Royal has created a loyal customer base in the best multi-brand boutiques.

Welcome to our world, Welcome to True Royal.